If you haven't heard of it yet, Woot is an online store with a unique policy: they generally sell only one type of item per day. They have a limited number of items available, and when the sale is over, it's over - wait until tomorrow for the next item. The items are sometimes factory refurbished or older models that the manufacturer is trying to get rid of, but the price savings is usually substantial. I have Woot on my daily list of sites I like to keep tabs on, and I have bought several items there. The product descriptions alone are worth the visit, even if I'm not buying!

Today's Woot is a Garmin iQue PDA/GPS for $259.99 plus $5 shipping. Looks like these are the 2003 model and I imagine Garmin is trying to dump excess inventory. I have no idea how well this model performed (anyone got one?) but I figured that since it's Geocaching-related, I'd pass it along if anyone is interested. Enjoy!