Well, after many, many caches I finally struck it rich . . . I found $250 in a cache today.

Granted the $250 is in Iraq dinars . . . and granted it's the old Iraq dinars with Saddam on them . . . and granted I have no plans to go to Iraq to try to spend this money, but darn it . . . I've finally made it to the big time. Now all I have to do is find a cache with some fool's gold in it and then I'll be able to justify this whole geo-caching hobby to my wife (who tends to call it geo-trashing . . . she has a knack for turning words around . . . i.e. My "Chewin' the Cud" column is knicknamed "Pullin' the Pud" by her.)

Incidentally, and this is a serious question here, does anyone know what the old Iraqi dinars are equal to in terms of US dollars . . . or are they even worth anything now that there are new Iraqi dinars? Just curious.