So we are on our way to camp for a 9 day vacation on Friday and It is going to be great. Do all of you remember how windy it was Friday night. Constance and I do. We where on our way to camp (well after dark) and I see a very large shadow coming at us. It was from the air so it wasnt a moose. The tree top hit the road and exploded into peices and hit the truck and as I was tring to avoid a crushing death I ended up spinning the truck sideways and back onto the road. It was very ugly. Groceries, water and the ice auger where air born in the bed of the truck. I have a cap on the truck so all of it stayed in the bed. After I got myself back togeather and the truck situated back in the road I decided to keep going to camp. The next day I went back and checked it out. Somebody had moved the tree out of the road but this will give you some idea of how big it was.