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Thread: Polo Shirt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeepingirl2
    Is it too late to get in on this?
    Tat closed the shirt orders today. But you might want to send him a PM and maybe he might be able to work something out for you. I would not hold my breath though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tat
    Is there any interest in a custom embroidered shirt?

    So many people asked if they could get a shirt like the one I wore at the event last weekend that I decided to check into it!

    While I made the one I was wearing, I cannot spend all day at work making shirts. So, I called a local company that can!

    The minimum order is 12. The price would be under $30 each for a polo type shirt similar the one I was wearing.

    We would need to decide on a few things, such as, shirt type (could affect price) and color. And we could, of course, change any part of the design.

    Everyone would get their choice of size and the option of having their name and/or a TB number on the shirt.
    Got spammed with this email today and thought if there was another round of shirt ordering this place might be another option. Just a thought.
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