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01-08-2007, 10:49 AM
A couple were in a up scale resturant having supper.The husband dropped his spoon while eating his desert.A waiter came over almost immediately and produce a clean spoon from his apron."how is it you happen to have a clean spoon with you" the man asks."We had a cost study done a few months ago and it was determined that a lot of time could be saved if we didn't have to keep running back to the kitchen everytime someone dropped a utensil'he said."That makes sense "saids the man.
I also can't help but notice you have a ribbon hanging out of the front of your pants."Whats that about he asks."well the waiter saids this is from that same study,seems they thought us waiters were taken to much time washing our hands after going to the bathroom.So we are required to ty a ribbon to it so we don't have to wash our hands after going to the bathroom."explains the waiter.
"Well I can understand what you are saying about using the ribbon to pull it out, but how do you put it back"asks the man."I don't know about the other waiters,but I use my spoon." saids the waiter.