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Thread: 2009 MPBN Auction

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    Default 2009 MPBN Auction

    The 2009 MPBN Auction will be broadcast April 23-26 and April 28-May 3. This year they are doing it a little differently. You can watch the auction (and Kacky!) and call in your bids during the broadcast days or you can bid online. MPBN will accepting donations throughout the entire auction and posting them on their website: The closing dates for items will change as they schedule the boards for the TV Auction. Items that don't sell will be relisted. Bidding has already begun online for items already donated.

    I asked Kacky if there had been any discussion about a group geocaching donation this year. She's swamped with other projects right now, including being an auctioneer seven nights, so I thought I'd throw it out there and see if there's any interest. The TV portion begins in about two weeks, but the person I spoke to said they accept donations right up until the end. I'm sure we could pull something together and I'd be happy to compile it and get it to the dropoff point.

    So what's everyone think? I know I have some extras around: new packaged blinky nanos, rite in the rain log books and those premade micros with the outside i.d. stickers. We could put in unactivated coins or TB tags and perhaps a gift certificated for a membership, whatever people have available. Throw it all in a lock and lock or ammo can and I know I'd bid on it! The donation must have a minimum value of $70.00.

    So, any ideas or thoughts?

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    I'm in.

    I'll add a signature item and I just got a bunch of stuff from the company, so I can put some other stuff in. Maybe a Maine 2008 coin if it ever comes out.
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