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    Can anyone take me through the steps of putting caches on to a Garmin Nuvi using GSAK?
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    There are two macros which will help. Which one you use depends on what information you need on the Nuvi.

    Basic, only gives part of description and hint, but will get you to the waypoint:
    NuviExport -

    More advanced one that includes full cache description and other details but also requires the POI loader:
    Nuvi_GPX_by_CT -

    Make sure you have the newest version, older macros for the Nuvi do not work on most models anymore.

    Since I have the cache information on my Oregon, I use the NuviExport macro because I only use the Nuvi to get me near the cache or to parking.
    If you want more detailed instructions after looking at those threads let me know which macro you wish to use and I'll see what I can do.
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