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Thread: GSAK 101 finding double logged caches

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    haha, now do the police logs that mention TAT!
    Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tat View Post
    Out in left field > Been there!!

    But the method does not yield reliable results:

    I can't log Maine's Adventure Challenge because (as noted above) I had already found Fire Away
    I haven't signed the log for the Centum Challenge.
    Maine Natural and Unique Delorme College AS Degree is my cache!
    Ok, here is a (hopefully) more accurate and full list. I came up with 161 caches doing it this way. It's still not perfect, but if a person were looking to log caches they haven't yet, it would be a start.

    Not owned by user 34942 (Tat)
    Not placed by Rescue_Rangers
    No found log by user 34942 (Tat)
    "Tat" mentioned in at least one log

    Sorted by placed date...

    The once Frye Mt. Fire Tower (GC4A48) by noreasta (2/3)
    Beech Hill Cache (GCJD3Z) by luvweather (1.5/2.5)
    Jetport Travel Bug Hotel (GCJHNB) by Bluegrass Gyrl (1/1.5)
    North Caribou Park (GCKDDR) by blevesque (1.5/1.5)
    Farbucks 13 - Mmmmmm!!! (GCK9YM) by SBUX adopted by team_barbieri (1.5/1.5)
    Lowell Preserve, Windham (GCP6FA) by robotbunny (2/2.5)
    AUTOMAINA (GCPBG3) by hoamdezinahs (3.5/1)
    Meet us in the morning (GCQ12H) by Raline from Maine (2/1.5)
    Mountain View Pond Geocache (GCQ9C0) by Maine Family (2/2)
    Higgins Beach Cache (GCQBAJ) by The 5 Explorers (2/4)
    Sebec Lake Geocache (GCQCRA) by Maine Family (2/2)
    Halloween Havoc 2005 "The Beginning" (GCQMK8) by Blazing Trolls (1.5/1.5)
    Brownville Slate Quarry Cache (GCQ5J8) by seastrike (1.5/2)
    Winslow Winter Weekend Waypoint Warrior Wingding 2 (GCT2ZR) by WhereRWe? & RULOST2? (1/1)
    Birch Stream Cache (GCV9DQ) by mainiac1957 (2/1.5)
    Mt. Agamenticus Caching event (GCV2XC) by Cohosted by TAT and BeachComber (1/1)
    SOUTHERN MAINE GET TOGETHER (GCVQ19) by hoamdezinahs (1/1)
    On the rocks (GCW5MV) by cecob (1/2)
    Key Cache (GCW8XT) by NorthCumberMouth Cachers (2.5/1)
    Little Falls Cache (GCWMFE) by Sudonim (2/2)
    Waters Edge Rails To Trails (GCXG13) by Maine Family (1.5/1.5)
    Vines Landing (GCYE1V) by MaineSleddah (1.5/1.5)
    Lillian’s Moosewatch (GCYKD0) by icthy (2.5/2)
    From Guns to Roses in a Limo - Maine Rose Series (GC10RAC) by hollora (1.5/1.5)
    Happy Birthday iTrax! (GC124AC) by mscrep and Tigquilt (1.5/2)
    Eight of Hearts (GC129W3) by Sallywag (1/1)
    3 of Diamonds (GC12B16) by SASSISTAS (1/1.5)
    Brooke and Koda's Jumpin Cache (GC12NQH) by travelingfrogs (1.5/2.5)
    The "OLD SOW" of the Sea (GC12YVD) by Northwoods Explorer (1.5/2.5)
    Passadumkeag Esker (GC13R4X) by Northwoods Explorer (1.5/1)
    Hermit Heaven (GC14438) by Bounder39 (2/2.5)
    Rufie's Run (GC162RE) by scruffymuffy (1.5/1.5)
    One for the Loafers Version 2.00 (GCGZ6M) by Adopted By: PJPreb (3/4.5)
    88 Piano Keys G#1 (Song of the Sea) (GC14D0D) by Rydnfree (1.5/1.5)
    Nubble Trouble (GC17EHF) by indieskime (1/1.5)
    Don't Take Me For Granite. Mes. Trail Series #1 (GC17PRW) by Shroomr (3.5/4)
    BRIDGING THE GAP. Messalonskee Trail Series, #3 (GC17PRY) by Shroomr (2/4)
    M.G.A COFFEE BREAK (GC19YM9) by M.G.A (1/1)
    Dog's Best Friend (GC1AH0T) by Mapachi (1/1)
    Old City Hall View (GC1AH38) by Mapachi (3.5/1)
    Just For Fits And Giggles! (GC1AZH8) by Mapachi (4/1.5)
    Steamboat Lane (GC1C0MR) by ATVRIDAH (2/2)
    Island Park (GC1CDT1) by Mapachi (1.5/1.5)
    My Way Or The Highway! (GC1DBJF) by Mapachi (3/2.5)
    Pretty As A Picture #2 "Austin Bog Crossing" (GC1ET60) by Mapachi (2/1)
    Town Farm Cache (GC1EV0M) by Fins2right (2.5/2)
    Keep Maine Beautiful (GC1EW2Y) by FiveHens (1/1.5)
    Geo-Vitamins: Vitamin U (GC1EXMA) by MARTES and The Hookers (2/2)
    Spelunky, no green eggs and purple ham please!! (GC1FHJ6) by Goddess (1/1.5)
    For Those Who Can't.... (GC1FX5A) by kayaking loon (1.5/2.5)
    Blue Waters (GC1G5ZD) by Mapachi (1/1)
    Pretty As A Picture #5 - Trues Pond (GC1G5ZM) by Mapachi (1.5/1.5)
    Cole's Cache (GC1GBB0) by Team V3 (1.5/1.5)
    Useless Eustis Ewe: Lewis (GC1G2RA) by Morrighan17 (1/1)
    Useless Eustis Ewe: Gertrude (GC1G2RG) by Morrighan17 (1/1.5)
    Useless Eustis Ewe: Eugene (GC1G2RT) by Morrighan17 (1/1.5)
    Useless Eustis Ewe: Juliette (GC1G2QZ) by Morrighan17 (1/1.5)
    The Fifty States Minnesota (GC1HW8Q) by SHUMAN ROAD SEARCHERS (1.5/1)
    MGA Coffee Break (GC1N6D5) by MGA (1/1)
    Kennebec / Somerset County Line (GC1PRAN) by dbickford & GeoBoyBrad (1/1.5)
    Lower Narrows (GC1PYRP) by TimAsh329 (Being Watched over by Ms Toastmaster) (1.5/1)
    Robbins Cache (GC1PYQE) by cachecrashers4 (1.5/2)
    The Forgotten Tower (GC1QBCA) by Mom of JST (2/2.5)
    Blake's NBCC cache (GC1QKR4) by dbickford & GeoBoyBrad (1/1.5)
    Turkey Day - celebrating Gob-ler's accomplishments (GC1PBVX) by All Maine cachers (1/1)
    The Fifty States Wyoming (GC1RFJ0) by SHUMAN ROAD SEARCHERS (5/3)
    Brian J. Converse Nature & Wildlife Santuary (GC1RW98) by noreasta (1.5/1.5)
    A run for Karen (GC1TJYN) by Ekidokai (1/1.5)
    MGA Coffee Break (GC1RH6P) by MGA (1/1)
    Top of Main Street (GC1V7PD) by TimAsh329 (1.5/1)
    MAMUT #5 (GC1VD5D) by Onestep (3/2)
    MAMUT #6 (GC1VD5J) by Onestep (1.5/2)
    MAMUT #3 (GC1VD52) by Onestep (1.5/2)
    Maine's Adventure Challenge (GC1VWN8) by Northwoods Explorer (5/5)
    Out in left field (GC1W7F5) by NH Tracker Family (4/2.5)
    Bangor Mini Adventure (GC1WCEG) by Cano (1.5/1.5)
    Neck Rd Cache (GC1WM6Y) by Hebert9362 (1.5/2)
    Joy to the Fishes (GC1WRX9) by Three Dog Night (2.5/5)
    Mighty Fine Wine (GC1WRXA) by Three Dog Night (2/5)
    Geocaching Family Festival (GC1W8GX) by Merryspring Nature Center (1/1.5)
    Faerie Aerie (GC1Y0EC) by WellsfamilyinME (1.5/1.5)
    Just Another Micro 1 (GC1XZYH) by Hondohawk & SCDAKOTA (1.5/1.5)
    hardspot (GC1YDKR) by scdakota (1.5/1.5)
    not your average mini van cache (GC1YDMM) by scdakota (1.5/1.5)
    Nubble Trouble (GC1YKB1) by Goldfinch593 - originally placed by indieskime (1.5/2)
    A Goblin Duo (GC1Z9V9) by MARTES (1.5/1.5)
    A Bucket of Ghouls! (GC1Z9TJ) by MARTES (1.5/1.5)
    M.A.G. Canary (GC1XFE5) by Maine GeoRallye III (1.5/1.5)
    Sennebec Pond Overlook (GC1ZFEE) by dubord207 (3/1.5)
    Purinton Preserve: All Ghoul's CITO Event (GC1YHPH) by MARTES and The Hookers & JIMSJEMS (2/2.5)
    Coffee Meet & GeoRallye Wrap-Up (GC1ZV4F) by TH and the GeoRallye Team (1/1)
    I Can't Believe There Was No Cache Here! (GC20KVE) by CARoperPhotography (1.5/2)
    New Jersey State Nickname (GC20Z0W) by SuitedPair (1.5/1.5)
    Banyan Crabapple (GC21013) by SuitedPair (1.5/2.5)
    Essex Woods Trail #2 (GC2100T) by SuitedPair (1.5/2)
    Essex Street Sledding Hill (GC2101F) by SuitedPair (1.5/3)
    835 Feet From New Jersey (GC20ZZJ) by SuitedPair (1.5/2)
    Can You Hear The Loons? (GC21Q00) by Mapachi (2/2.5)
    Star Wars Tribute: TIE Fighter (GC21YM8) by SeriousTool (1.5/1.5)
    Mount Battie Conglomerate Quartzite (GC22Y9C) by Northwoods Explorer (2/2)
    ZEKE...and ye shall find! (GC22ZZF) by 4ccnhikers (1/4)
    Celebrate 2009 "This Ain't no Mega Event!" (GC21H2B) by Kaching Karen (1/1)
    Cold as Heck (GC23HB8) by mydogkenna & lonnie cache (2/3.5)
    Tree Swallow (GC27JKZ) by Two River Rats (1.5/5)
    Tufted Titmouse (GC27JKV) by Two River Rats (1.5/5)
    Purple Martin (GC27JKG) by Two River Rats (1.5/5)
    Bank Swallow (GC27JK0) by Two River Rats (1.5/5)
    Cliff Swallow (GC27JJN) by Two River Rats (1.5/5)
    Philadelphia Vireo (GC27J42) by Two River Rats (1.5/5)
    Warbling Vireo (GC27J37) by Two River Rats (1.5/5)
    Black-capped Chickadee (GC27J2E) by Two River Rats (1.5/5)
    Robin (GC27APH) by Two River Rats (1.5/5)
    Winslow Winter Weekend Waypoint Warrior Wingding 6 (GC2267N) by WhereRWe? & RULOST2? (1/1)
    Route 202 TravelBug & GeoCoin Hotel (GC2487Z) by TimAsh329 (1.5/1.5)
    Holy Cache III (GC24QWG) by Luc Caron (3/1)
    Curse of the FTF #1 (GC25FJG) by Rattish (2/1.5)
    OH no not another G.R.C. or Not (GC25RC9) by 79olds (1/1.5)
    Everybody's Cachemobile (GC25PY6) by power ranger shuman road searchers (1.5/1.5)
    Waiting to go waterskiing (GC26WBK) by Circles (1.5/1.5)
    Centum Challenge (GC27Q59) by Ekidokai (3/1.5)
    NIGHT CACHE - Something Wicked This Way Comes (GC28PZD) by twillette (2/2.5)
    Stop and Swing (GC29EZJ) by groovyc&s (1.5/1)
    Micro Island 2 (GC2A60Y) by laroch (2/5)
    Going With The Flow (GC2A376) by hanlonem (1/1)
    Beyond the Footbridge - Maine Huts & Trails (GC2CBZF) by kayaking loon (1.5/2)
    HASTA LA VISTA TO THE EAST (GC2E2F2) by DudeKeith (4/4)
    On A Cold, Dark Night (GC2F78C) by kayaking loon (2/3)
    Opie (GC2G4XF) by mainegeos (1.5/1.5)
    Recycled (GC2G4JF) by mainegeos (1.5/1.5)
    What do YOU see? (GC2GKG7) by parmachenee (2/1.5)
    In the Spirit of the Season # 2 (GC2GTWB) by dubord207 (1.5/1)
    Careful when it's snowing (GC2HGN8) by rogu3 (1/1.5)
    Cabin Fever - 2011 (GC2KV4Z) by Kaching Karen (1/3.5)
    Celebrate - 10 Years of Caching in Maine! (GC2HKCJ) by Kaching Karen and kayakerinme (1/1)
    Winslow Winter Weekend Waypoint Warrior Wingding 7 (GC2MWA9) by WhereRWe? & RULOST2? (1/1)
    Magic Schoolbus Turnaround Cache (GC2T1BG) by jimsjems (2/1.5)
    7 trees (GC2TX1H) by MudPuppy007 (2/2)
    GOD's 'Lil' Acre Cache (GC305RC) by macthehunter (1.5/2.5)
    Sonic Zoom (GC30HNN) by ssalixx (2/2)
    Oink If You Like Mapachi (GC30YR4) by kayaking loon (1.5/1.5)
    John's Birthday Cache (GC31ABD) by kayaking loon (1.5/1.5)
    Elephant Mountain Cache (GC35P6M) by Hike or Bike (3/4.5)
    On The Way to Abby's House (GC3DKGK) by theshieldsgang2010 (1/1.5)
    Maine's Winter Camping Event 2012 (GC3C3EG) by TAT and VicBiker (1.5/1.5)
    12-12-12 Challenge (GC3BX8X) by 3Woofs (1.5/1.5)
    MARTES Meet & Greet in Central Maine (GC3E4W6) by MARTES (1/1)
    Maine Maple Sugar Sunday Pancakes Meet & Greet (GC3D1NQ) by Reed2ME (1/1.5)
    Mallory's Cache (GC3MF9B) by kayaking loon (1.5/1.5)
    Ladybug Cache (GC3NJX0) by kayaking loon (1.5/1.5)
    Chipmunk and Friends (GC3PQ5P) by kayaking loon (1.5/2)
    Does A Bear Cache In the Woods? (GC3Q10T) by kayaking loon (1.5/2)
    Crawford Cove (GC3T0XR) by Hiram357 (2.5/3.5)
    Central Maine Meet & Greet (GC3RTXZ) by MARTES (1/1)
    Germany goes west (GC3QHZF) by Rote Teufel und Parabel (2/2)
    City Lights (GC3WQ8V) by Kacky (1/1)
    What a Birch! (GC40JJK) by snownut56 (2/5)
    Gob-ler is in town to meet, greet and schmooze! (GC43YX3) by MARTES (1/1)
    Celebrate 2012 - Mayan Apocalypse - NOT! (GC4347F) by Kaching Karen (1/1)
    Maine's Winter Camping Event 2013 (GC45649) by Kaching Karen and Snownut56 (2/2.5)
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