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Funny tag line seen on the forum-

I'd really rather not cache, but I am helpless in the grip of my compulsion






























Funny tag lines seen on the forum-

Oscilating between remarkable brillance and sheer stupidity with amazing regularity.












Funny tag line seen on the forum...

The farmer gave permission to place the cache in the field, but the bull charges.

























Specal thanks to Rick for allowing me to use him as our first featured cacher.  He did such a great job of telling me just what I was looking for that I admit I took his words verbatim.

I don't know about you, but I sure feel like I know him a bit better after reading that!










Funny tag lines from the forum...

"You can only be young once, but you can always be immature." Dave Barry













Funny tag lines from the forum...

You can't have everything. Where would you put it?-Steven Wright

And of course...

Respect Beer!







See you next month and be sure to send those ideas, stories and don't forget to submit your contest entry!
Deadline for all  submissions is the 30th of each month unless otherwise stated.



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Special Announcement!

Monday, April 11th, one of our members will make an announcement on the Geocaching Maine web site which has the capacity to put Maine Geocaching on the map!
Hot off the press, check this news out now!


Upcoming Maine Events

April Events:

GC2PAD7 - The Twin City CITO II
05/07/2011 9am - 4pm Lewiston ME
Host:  Team Norac
Come join the fun!

GC2PPNJ - Mt. Agamenticus CITO Event 2011
04/30/2011 9:15am - 2pm York ME
Host:  Team2Hunt
Don't miss this one if you can help it!

May Events:  Coming soon! (Ya, like in the May Newsletter)

Spring Caching has sprung!

I am sure that after this long, long snow covered winter we have all just endured, you are as anxious as we are to get out on the trails and along the guardrails and do some caching! 

There are some things to keep in mind when going out at this time of year and  although I am sure I won't remember everything here are a few things that come  to mind right away.

Take extra logs if you have them and maybe even plastic baggies.

Maine cachers are great at maintaining their caches but this early in  the year some CO's may not have had time to get out to all their caches yet.  If you're able to replace a wet or damaged log for a CO , I am sure the cache owners would appreciate the assistance.  If you don't have a spare log handy and are unable to replace the log be sure to mention it in your online log entry so the CO will be aware that cache needs attention.

With the snow gone MUD season is upon us, so be careful out there not to damage landowner's property by driving on closed roads.  A lot of landowners will close those roads on their land that are prone to get deep muddy ruts. Lets continue to respect the privileges they have given us.

And last but not least, let's get some new caches placed out there.  This has been a slow few months for new caches and we have to do our part to keep Maine Publisher busy!!

Notes from the Board

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, I am sure you know we have a new Advisory Board in place for Geocaching Maine site.  Just in case you HAVE been living under a rock, our new board members are
Brdad - Dave
Dubord207 - Dan
Mainiac1957 - Brad
Team2hunt - Gary

Congratulations to all the new members and those that chose to stay on.
The Board wants you to know that they are working hard and will try to keep us updated with what they are doing to improve the website and the State's
Geocaching community. Be sure to check out the forum post Advisory Board Progress at http://www.geocachingmaine.org/forum/showthread.php?t=5205 to read up on all the great things they are doing to accomplish their goals.


Newsletter Contests

Periodically we will have some contests and or caching challenges posted here in this section of the newsletter.  This will be every member's chance to not only gain fame by getting their name published in the next newsletter contest section but perhaps win a prize too.  If any of the members have an idea for a challenge or contest, be sure to contact me, JustPJ66 (Pam), through a message on the forum. JustKev (Kevin) can also be contacted in the chat room (he tends to lurk there a lot), or through a forum message.

The first contest will be to name this newsletter.  Please submit your ideas for this newsletter name to either myself (JustPJ66) or Kevin (JustKev).  I will choose four of the best names and then ask the newly-elected Advisory Board members to pick the winner.  The prize will be...to be announced.  But it will be a good one I promise.

Technical Talk

In this section, we will discuss some of the more high tech aspects of Geocaching.  Don't worry folks this is not going to be written by the technically challenged JustPJ66.  JustKev will do this section and we will also feature articles and notes from other geocachers with tech knowledge.  Tell us what you want to hear about.  GSAK, Magellan, Garmin, Delorme PN's, Windows based Geocaching questions??  What do you need to know?  We will do our best to get the information for you.

Member Achievements

Do you know someone who has reached a milestone that deserves recognition?  Did someone do something that went above and beyond the call of caching duty that you think should be noted.  Did someone get married or have a baby?  Here is the place to sing their praises  and announce the news.

Let us know what they did and we will give them the credit they are due right here in this section.  Contact me, JustPJ66 (Pam), through a message on the forum.

JustKev (Kevin) can also be contacted in the chat room, or through a forum message.



Brdad found his 100th cache on 3/24/11.  Way to go Dave.
(he didn't really do this accomplishment but he cries if we don't put his name in the newsletter )

RCWhitt had found his first FTF  (like that is gonna happen right Bob?)
Hey I had to pick on Bob he is my brother!! (and the reason I got into geocaching! ) Thanks Bob

And so the story goes...

Do you have an interesting caching story to tell?

Did you have something funny happen to you on the way to an event?

Do you have a good story to tell your fellow cachers?  Maybe it is a "don't do this while out caching" story? Maybe you got chased by a bear and want to be sure no one else wears a pork chop necklace out caching like you did?

Whatever the story, we want to hear it.  Send your funny or scary or just plain good stories to us and get your name in lights. Okay, it's just the newsletter - but hey, it's something isn't it?

Wealth of Information...

 Has every one taken a moment or two to check out all the great information available on the website lately?

There is so much available on there that you could spend days or weeks sifting through it all.  Well not to worry folks, every month we will try to highlight one area in the articles section of the forums or at least one aspect of that article.  We will provide you with a basic idea of what is available and then if you need more information about that topic we will give you the URL of that specific article so that you can go straight to the source and learn more.  What a deal huh?

And to begin...

This month we will be highlighting the article on adding the geocachingmaine.org logo on your cache pages or homepage.
Our man about the forums, Brdad, has written an excellent article about how to put the logo onto your personal homepage or onto your cache pages.
What a great way to promote the geocachingmaine.org website to all those new cachers out there.  Dave (aka Brdad) has made it so simple for us.  He has included the html code for several renditions of our logo.  Once in  place a newbie cacher only has to click the logo pictured on your cache page and they are instantly taken to our website, where they can have access to a wealth of information and help from seasoned cachers such as yourself.
"That's too complicated," you might be thinking.  Not at all... if you can cut and paste you can add this great feature to your cache pages.  If you would like to know how to add this feature to your caches go to http://www.geocachingmaine.org/forum/showthread.php?t=4295
And check it out.

You will be glad you did.

Last but not least... Getting to know you

Occasionally we will feature one geocacher to give you a chance to learn a bit more about them.  Don't worry we wont be disclosing home addresses and social security numbers, but we will give other cachers a chance to get to know you a bit better.

If you should be contacted to be our feature cacher, you can give as much or as little information as you would like or even decline all together if you don't wish to participate.

This month we thought we would start with the site owner Attroll (Rick Towle)(aka Blazing Troll)

"I bought a gps unit to use on my snowmobile. One day I was reading a friend's profile on Yahoo and it said they liked to geocache. When I asked them what it was, they explained and told me about www.geocaching.com. I was sitting around with nothing to do on 06/05/2003 and me and the ex-wife thought we would give it a whirl. We loaded one cache into the GPS and went searching for it. We did not find it because by the time we gotten to the area where the cache was it was getting dark. We went back the next day and found it. We did eight more caches that month. We also attended our first geocaching event. I believe it was the second geocaching event ever held in Maine at that time. Prior to the event there was a Geocaching Maine group on Yahoo and the forum they were using was a pain to deal with, it was not user friendly at all. I own my own web server and while at the event I asked a group of people there what they thought about me putting together a forum that would be a lot better then the Yahoo forums. They all agreed that any forum would most likely be an improvement of the Yahoo forums. Within a couple of days I had www.geocachingmaine.org up and running, the rest is history.'

"The geocaching community is a very friendly tight knit community. The people you meet are some of the friendliest and nicest people you could meet. I have found that when you have problems or issues in life that I have had friends in the geocaching community come through for me and help me out. I don't know any other group of individuals that would do that. Those are my experiences."

"The best part about geocaching is the people you meet. I have not yet met a geocaching face to face that I did not like. What I don't care about the sport is the people that are all about the numbers and have to brag about how many they have found. To me it is not about the numbers but about the people you meet and the experiences.

My favorite cache to date is one that is no longer active, "Old Grist Mill Cache". I liked this cache for two reasons. The first being, I like history and when you walked to this cache down an old tote road there were remnants of old houses and a cemetery. The second reason was because it was the day after my wedding to my ex-wife and we were both doing something we enjoying doing together at that point in our lives."

I really do not have a least favorite cache that comes to mind right now. If I had to pick any it would be a micro or a nano. I am not fond of doing those types of caches alone. I love doing them with someone else because it is a second set of eyes that can help me out. Normally I will not do them alone because I get to frustrated and feel uncomfortable looking for items like these in public areas.

We Want You!

Every month we will feature a poll in our newsletter.   This will give you a chance to have your voice heard.  Sometimes it will be just for fun and sometimes it will be more serious issues, but no matter the topic one click will take you to the poll and we want to hear from  YOU!  Go to the April Newsletter Poll to pick your answer!

April Poll is;

When you cache do you:

   1. Cache alone
   2. Cache with spouse
   3. Cache with geowonderdog
   4. Cache with friends
   5. Cache with whomever I can it doesn't matter


About Our Organization...


Geocaching Maine's goal is to serve as a forum for communication between Maine geocachers, the general public, and land management officials, in a cooperative effort to promote the sport of geocaching, an appreciation of the outdoors, and good stewardship of the land and environment."

We are not an official governing body. We are not rule makers or enforcers. We are not the geocaching gurus of Maine. We ARE a group of fun-loving, outdoor-minded people who like to geocache and want to help others do the same.

The primary purpose of Geocaching Maine is to act as a forum for discussion and communication about geocaching in the state of Maine. We want to share our interest in using modern technology (GPS and the internet) to encourage and foster an appreciation of the outdoors, and to promote good stewardship of the land and environment that we all enjoy.

You may opt in or out of future newsletters by edting your Permission Groups in your account settings on the Geocaching Maine web site or click here. If opting in, you must also ensure the email address in your profile is valid. Your email address will not be shared with anyone.

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